GE & GH Sigma Air Conditioning.

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GE & GH Sigma Air Conditioning.

Postby wa5 » Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:39 pm

Just bought a GE Sigma SE with super low ks, (I'll put up some pictures when it arrives and a few more details) Its a 2.0 auto, and immaculate, will be going on to club rego I think. She doesn't have air conditioning, and I think I might like to add it (BUT The car will be sparingly used and I might just leave it alone. its dead original.. ). So to my question. is the air fitted to GE and GH Sigmas the same, and would there be any reason why 2.6 components from a GH Wouldn't fit a 2.0 GE? (I'm thinking GH Might be easier to find than GE and most of em seemed to be 2.6. just spit balling at this stage, its only going to be a weekend car, I can probably live without it
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