1980 Arrow/Celeste g32b 1.6l Stalling issue

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1980 Arrow/Celeste g32b 1.6l Stalling issue

Postby Worra » Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:48 pm

Hello Everyone,

So where to start..?

1980 Plymouth Arrow Base
G32b 1.6l Saturn engine
5 speed transmission.
136k miles

Problem: (from a cold start) Car seems to idle just fine, starts right up without any problem, and I can rev the engine just fine while parked; the problem is when I try to drive the car, as soon as I get it going (maybe 25ft) it starts to act like it wants to stall (not enough fuel or too much?). I've tried giving a little more gas peddle or none... but it eventually stalls. Then it has a hard time starting back up or if it does start it doesn't want to stay running afterwards. I'm about ready to sell it! and so is the wife!

Replaced/fixed parts:
Mikuni solex carburetor rebuilt (professionally done) and flow tested on a bench
New Fuel pump
Gas tank cleaned and relined
New Fuel filter
New water pump
New spark plugs and wires
New ignition coil
New timing belt
Timing set by shop and points redone on distributor
New transmission and engine oil
New air filter
New clutch

Future Fixes:
Head gasket replaced (doesn't seem to be leaking anything but I'm showing a little bit of white gunk on the oil cap.. could be moisture built up from the car not running long enough to burn it off...
Intake manifold gasket: Just another shot in the dark trying to resolve the stalling issue.

Any help would be most appreciated!

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Re: 1980 Arrow/Celeste g32b 1.6l Stalling issue

Postby Taz » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:50 pm

So from what ive read it seems the problem starts when you go to put load on the engine. Assuming that all parts replaced are not faulty new products (this can happen, its not common but we will assume they are) It could be a few things.
How old is the alternator? I cant think of anything in an old mechanical car that it would affect but in a later model car with injection etc a dying alternator wont put out enough current on engine load to keep everything running - might be worth a check.
Make sure there isnt any moisture under the distributor cap, and its nice and clean.
Check all wiring that nothing looks dodgy or exposed that could leak spark etc when drawing more current.
Make sure that the correct rated plugs are in there, and are gapped correctly.
Make sure youre getting pressure to the carby - no pinched fuel lines under the car, dented etc.
Make sure the fuel filter is around the right way and is not blocking up.
Make sure your fuel bowl is retaining fuel if you have the see through window to it - maybe get a mate to put it in gear and rev it a little while you look in the engine bay.
Have you done a compression test on the engine? Id imagine youd feel it on idle if a cylinder was low but you never know - youre trying to rule out as many simple things to check as possible here.
Check to see if youre not pulling too much timing.

I have a funny feeling that its going to be a fuel issue. Its hard to say without having the car in front of you, as each fuel/spark/compression etc has a different, unique feel to it. If by chance youre in brisbane i can take a look if you want. Hope this helps somewhat
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Re: 1980 Arrow/Celeste g32b 1.6l Stalling issue

Postby Worra » Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:44 am

That is correct, it occurs when it’s under load. I will say that it runs better when it’s cold (better as in I can go further than 25ft before it starts acting up) but once it seems to warm up the problem becomes more prevalent. The Alternator could be the original one as I bought this car from the original owner and everything is/was original (I did put in a new battery as well). I’ll check the gap in the plugs and see if any are burnt but I know that each one is firing (did the pull test). Speaking of electrical problems, I do have a problem as well with the lights. They all come on but my turn signals or flashers don’t work (they illuminate but don’t flash). I can get them to halfway work by turning the flashers on and then turn the turn signal to the right and the left one flashes?? I doubt it’s related, I just wanted to put that out there. I know the fuel pump is pulling a good amount of fuel (should be pushing the same amount but I’ll check) because the new fuel filter filled up fast. There was a pinched line where the fuel filter was as it was a straight through filter, but I put a filter with an elbow on it so it resolved that. I’ll see if I can get someone to help me check the fuel bowl. I have yet to do a compression test but the car idles well, no hiccups or anything, very smooth, steady and quite. I can smell a little fuel but I’m just thinking that’s from the charcoal canister never being replaced. I’ll have to get someone with a timing gun or something to test that out.
That’s what I’m thinking too (or a vacuum leak somewhere), I’m going to try and make some videos of it and see if that could help a little more. Unfortunately, I’m located in Florida haha.

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Re: 1980 Arrow/Celeste g32b 1.6l Stalling issue

Postby tandanus » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:24 am

blocked fuel return line?
pressure buildup in tank?
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Re: 1980 Arrow/Celeste g32b 1.6l Stalling issue

Postby Worra » Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:59 am

So I think it was the Ballast resistor on the coil... Changed it out and it ran fine for 20 or so minutes but then it starting acting up again (not completely cutting off) and I notice that the fuel filter was almost completely dry as well as the fuel bowl. The fuel tank should be good as I took it out and cleaned it really good and relined the inside of the tank, I then blew the lines out with my air tank, and finally put a new filter in… So I think it might be vapor-lock of some sort?? The tank had a little pressure in it when I removed the cap (not much but enough to tell). Could the older lines be just really soft cause vapor-lock to occur easier?
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Re: 1980 Arrow/Celeste g32b 1.6l Stalling issue

Postby Worra » Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:06 am

tandanus wrote:blocked fuel return line?
pressure buildup in tank?

I forgot to quote you :) (I don't know how the notifications work)
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