GC Galant- Quick rebuild for Motorkhana

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GC Galant- Quick rebuild for Motorkhana

Postby CraigoT » Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:09 pm

I just thought I would do a post to share my progress of what will be a very quick rebuild of my GC Galant. Also because I'll probably have a lot of questions along the way I'm hoping I make it help with.

Long story short I killed the engine (2.6) in a motorkhana about 1 year ago. The Australian championships are now coming up in about 3 weeks time and I'm trying to get it running again and improve its handling performance to a degree (from a increased “fun” perspective)

My plan in short

-Engine swapped over to a recon 2.6 I picked up on Gumtree
- Diff locked
- Struts and brakes converted to Sigma GH
- Hydraulic handbrake installed

Low priority: (Probably won’t get finished in time)
-Electric power steering
-Rear suspension improvement (not sure what - probably something dodgy. )

Part 1 Engine
I’m hoping the new engine isn't a dud.
it is an East West 2.6 liter engine that has been converted for a Sigma rear drive.
it has a later model M7 head and I only realised the other day that it is completely different to the cardy intake manifold- it is for injected.
currently I'm making an adapter plate and we are going to convert it 2 electric fuel pump.

I'll be curious if anyone else has done this and had any issues the water jacket port seems like it might be the only issue as they won't line up that well. We are concerned about it getting an airlock in it…. possibly?

I'll keep you posted

***2.6L GC Galant***
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Re: GC Galant- Quick rebuild for Motorkhana

Postby Superscan811 » Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:19 pm

Saw this beast a while ago in a youtube clip (along with a few pointers about cats).
Good to see it's still alive and well.

The Magna engine should be fine, and will mate up with the standard Galant gearbox.

The only issue will be if your original engine swap included the gearbox, as there are 2 types of bellhousing bolt patterns, wide and narrow...

All 2.6L auto's, Magna 2.6L and 2L astron engines are NARROW blocks, after that, it's pot luck whether it's narrow or wide.

As for the rear water port, if you know someone handy with a TIG welder, relocate the thermostat housing to the front of the block.
I always do that because I also worry about the possibility of an airlock.

Which manifold will you be using? The Redline ans Lynx manifolds are easily modified to suit.

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Re: GC Galant- Quick rebuild for Motorkhana

Postby C_Fernance » Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:27 pm

Mitsubishi made RWD Astron II manifolds to suit the Magna heads with the large rear water port.

This is a standard RWD manifold. You can see the amount that the top of the manifold webbing drops between the upper bolt holes.

And this is a factory RWD Mitsubishi manifold to suit a Magna head. You can see the webbing is much higher and in line with the centre of the bolts. I'm not entirely sure what car you would get them out of, This one came out of a Scorpion that already had a Magna engine fitted. Your best bet would probably be a GN Sigma.
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Re: GC Galant- Quick rebuild for Motorkhana

Postby 75wagon » Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:30 pm

Somehow this slipped by me.
I see by the video you succeeded, did you have any problems at all, or was it smooth sailing?
How did you go on the day?

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