Vr4 jap spec cyclone 4g63t rwd starwagon

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Vr4 jap spec cyclone 4g63t rwd starwagon

Postby Ashroy88 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:55 pm

Hi all.
For the last couple of months, I have been converting my 1990 starwagon van to take the dohc head with the turbo, I came across on facy buy and sell of all places, the narrow block vr4 from Wollongong.$350 with ecu and chopped up harness, I got turbo and 1g exhaust manifold it was cracked beyond my ability to weld up" looking for replacement " before I get carried away, the hole project is on a tight budget slowly blowing out :wut: I had blown head which had started me on the path for this conversion. So I've got an auto box I know why?. Well I recon auto should in theory handle more power and should give me more control of the rear wheels, I shall see ! So had to take pistons and crank ,the front oil pump And shafts to put in my wide block just to mate up with the auto, they as far as I know only come in wide block the autos, moving on, I'm getting the block resurfaced as there was unknown black crap that had made home where the head was blown out, sure it was from all the gasket fix crap, that was put into it get the van Home going to charge me $110 for a clean and shave, might get it honed and set of new rings round $300 all up maybe next week, so I've in pieces in the garage did the oil mods to the block, wanted to sand blast before went off to get cleaned, I'm after some info on rwd dohc mods regarding ecu systems ect I'm just going of forums for info at moment not to many images on the web of the wiring, especially 1g cyclone vr4 1990 motor jap spec, hasn't got the egr valve on intake but to pass certification will need to pass, got a 1.6 inlet manifold that has all that on it, and surprisingly big ports same as cyclone but don't know the diagrams on the jap spec ecu, its suppose to have extra buffly valve sensor wiring, guess if I don't use jap spec manifold ( would it matter ) would be cool though they are better low and top end I've read :$ it's not to much of a essue as won't be able to keep wheels from spinning :blah: ramble on much I'm super keen on getting more involved with the forums any info is welcomed
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Re: Vr4 jap spec cyclone 4g63t rwd starwagon

Postby JimmyG » Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:43 am

Loads of good info on the site. Might need to do a bit of digging though. :)
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