New GB Owner.

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New GB Owner.

Postby PAPERW8 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:46 pm

hey guys thought i would join after buying a GB Galant the other week. Had a GC when i was 12/13yrs old been looking for another ever since.
its not the same but i couldnt pass up the GB it was so cheap.

Got it from a mate of a mate of a mate thats been sitting in his paddock for years.
its pretty much 100% complete apart from the engine being apart.
theres only small amounts of rust, none around the windows and none in the floors.
there is damage to the left hand 1/4panel but easy to fix.
interior isnt so bad for like a 40-50yrd old car, the bottom half of rear seats have no tears, the rear door trims have
no tears, the fronts only have a little bit of tearing. front seats are toast though. forgot the dash were in MPH so loving that part.

idea for it is to use it as a weekend cruiser, going to strip it back to bare metal. smooth the engine bay, paint it
all black, retrim the interior to factory. so not leather or fancy colours. just black vynil.
completely overhaul the brakes/suspension etc then fit either a 12a or 13b rotor.

just want something cool, different and more comfortable to drive than my god damn drift car.


this is what its replacing as my "all japan day" car haha. driving 200km in a drift car just sucks to much.
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Re: New GB Owner.

Postby tandanus » Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:47 pm

Nice Find
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Re: New GB Owner.

Postby 75wagon » Mon Mar 28, 2016 8:26 am

Yeah, that does look pretty tidy.
Just curious, if you were to go Rotor, what diff set up would you be looking to run in it?

Here's some topics that may be of interest to you, it's more just Mitsubishi family parts that are looked at here, but stuff like brake upgrades etc... may be helpful?

Keep us up to date with what you're up to with it.
I think this might just be an interesting build to watch :thumpsup:

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