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Forum Rules:

Hey people,
Every site has its rules right? Well we would like you to follow ours as well.. there pretty simple and straight forward.
The rules are listed both with what we expect and what the consequences may be if caught breaking these rules.

1. Be respectful and polite towards others. - (People having repetitive warnings will result in a ban.)

2. Always make sure you try and post your new threads in the appropriate place. Before posting have a look around the forums or use the Search feature.

3. No post spamming it won't be tolerated.

4. USE THE SEARCH FEATURE! Always search for previous posts or topics before posting!

5.a. Read all other forum stickies that may contain rules.

b. Read all Exchange rules before posting in the for sale sections. Follow the format in the topic below; (IF NOT YOUR TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED!) - [i]Also report your topic for closure once the advert has for filled its means.[/i]

Exchange Rules below;

7. No extreme language, if it isnt appropriate don't post it!

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