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Dodge Colt stock am radio question

PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:28 am
by Zsn0w
I've got a 1974 dodge colt, equivalent to a GC Galant I believe, base coupe. It was a factory stereo delete car. I have combines the stereo from another gauge cluster and the tach from a third onto the original cluster, but I'm having problems with the wiring. There was a two prong plug on the gauge panel right near where the radio goes in that I assume plugs into the two prongs on the back of the AM radio. Is this correct? And if so, the three prongs left are for the speaker, then? I don't have a stock speaker to figure this out with unfortunately. If so, what's the third prong for? I'm going to need to find a different speaker to put in, so if anyone has the ohm rating of the all as well, that'd be helpful. If not, I'll just wire two 4 ohms on series to get 8 which should be safe. Thanks!