Headlight warning buzzer

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Headlight warning buzzer

Postby mrd » Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:05 pm

I don't know if anyone has ever posted this mod before (I did a search, apologies if I'm doubling up). All you need is a little piezo speaker/buzzer (worth $1 or something) from any local electronics shop, maybe a bit of wire and some basic soldering skills.

One of the quickest yet handiest mods I can remember doing, I just completed this is about 15 mins. I have a terrible memory and I'm fed up with accidentally leaving my headlights on overnight and waking up to a flat battery. The scorp factory lights aren't exactly the brightest on the road so it's often easy to forget they're on if it's not completely dark.

1. Simply splice the black buzzer wire into the "Door" light on the dashboard (the yellow wire going to the "door" dashboard light on my early model scorp).
2. Then splice the red buzzer wire into the positive wire of any light which is constantly on when headlights are on (I used the ash tray light on my scorp as the ash tray is part of the dashboard and the light remains on at all times when the headlights are on - but the glove box light for instance would be a bad idea as it turns off when the lid is closed).
3. Done! How easy was that?! :P

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Re: Headlight warning buzzer

Postby LukeAussie » Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:49 pm

Nice work mrd. I've been meaning to do this mod for many years to my GC, but never get around to it (which is slack, since electronics is my game!). But it is indeed an easy thing to do!

You can get even more clever too, by setting up a bit of logic with some transistors, such that it will only buzz when the ignition is also not on (this set up will buzz even if the car is running, lights are on and you open a door). And by adding a cap, transistor and resistor, you can make the buzzer "flash" on and off too :) If I ever get around to doing it (potentially unlikely), I'll post my tips, but until then, mrd has it nailed!
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Re: Headlight warning buzzer

Postby geezer101 » Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:19 am

Bravo, a nice little mod that seems easy enough to do. I resorted to having a couple of LED's in a console panel I made for my Cordia and wiring them in - they indicated if parking and headlights were active and would go out if there was a wiring or fuse failure. They were 'idiot' idiot lights (idiot lights to remind the idiot to turn the lights off...) :lol:
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