Bed Liner Paint... Rattle Can Paint Job Part 2

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Bed Liner Paint... Rattle Can Paint Job Part 2

Postby smithdavidjames » Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:13 am

In the spirit of having fun and evolving me daily driver it's been 4/5 years since I sprayed my car on my driveway... so it's time for a change.

This time internet told me to bed-liner/armour/linex/rhino line specifically for this job its Dupli Colour Aerosol Bed Armour.


Minimal prep for this paint job except for scuffing up surface and dealing with small amount of surface rust as this stuff goes on thick.


Removed as much as possible to make job easier


Close up of texture showing how rough but I am looking for durable tough surface which is gives impression of Matt finish which I cant buff out.


Texture only relieves itself when the you get close. When spraying this stuff it takes a number of coats to build up product and it is really difficult to apply without leaving stripping. Technique seems to be to spray from a distance of about 2 feet randomly on the last coat to cover any striping and this gives a really even coat.


Going to play off the Matt finish by painting trim pieces as gloss black as physically possible.

To be continued... Hope pictures work.
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Re: Bed Liner Paint... Rattle Can Paint Job Part 2

Postby 75wagon » Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:27 am

I actually don't mind the look of that. Certainly more durable than rattle can paint too.

If you want any stickers, then look here for how to get them stickers
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