under dash fuse questions

This section is for 1976 to 1984 Chrysler/Mitsubishi/Colt/Dodge/Plymouth Scorpion/Lambda/Sapporo/Challenger.

under dash fuse questions

Postby Scratchbuilt » Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:45 pm


My wife has a 82 scorpion and its missing a bunch of relays?? under the dash. These are positioned on the firewall above the accelerator pedal. I got a few from the local wreckers but the very top one is still missing. I guess the two centre mounted ones of the 3 rows are flasher cans. But I have no idea what the bottom and top rows are for. I guess for the lights etc but thats only a guess. The top row has one big one which I think has 6 pins, but it is gone.

Does anyone know what they all do and if they have Chrysler # parts numbers or a universal name so I can buy new ones. I'm sick of not being able to test the accessories or even fire it up.
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