Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby Rallyant » Fri Oct 16, 2009 5:40 pm

My dad bought a 3 yr old white GD Galant sedan back in what, 1979 i guess, I would have been 2 years old at the time so didnt think much of it.
But he bolted a suck thru turbo setup onto the 1600 when i was about 10. I fell in love with it at this stage, along with all my school mates as dad would drop me off and leave in a cloud of smoke.
He bought a sigma Turbo kit intending to swap in a 2.6 setup but the car got ramed up the arse by a drunk driver when mum was driving to the shops one night. and that was the end of that.

I didnt think much of it until I was given a GC Wagon by a family friend in 1993, unfortunatly mum left the hand brake off in the landcruiser and it ended up rolling back down the steep driveway and writing off the wagon.
Then in 1999 my brother was given a GC Sedan by one of dads work mates, the head on the 1600 blew before to long and the car then became mine and my bro was given a sigma, To fix the blown head I chucked in a 2.6, a few months later I bolted dads Sigma turbo setup (with a TO4 of some kind) Onto it, the night i completed that conversion I fell madly inlove with turbos, The instant huge power increase with a few parts bolted on was amazing to me.
Somewhere around that time a Zoom mag came out with an article on Big Gavs(for those that remember him the bishiboys forums?) Scorpion sting scorpion. and the rest is history.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby A112H » Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:02 pm

Was Big Gavs the silver Scorpion here in SA??? I remember a silver turbo Scorpion in a magazine ages ago, I think the pics were taken at A.I.R??
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby Rallyant » Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:28 pm

Galant_GT0 wrote:Was Big Gavs the silver Scorpion here in SA??? I remember a silver turbo Scorpion in a magazine ages ago, I think the pics were taken at A.I.R??

Yeah thats the one, He sold the scorp to a dude in QLD, He had a new motor built for it but decided to strip the car and part it out for some reason? So i bought the motor, still sitting in my shed.

Im still friends with Gav, he wasnt to happy to hear the car was split up!
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby webby » Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:43 pm

Back in 2006 one of my mates had a mint one owner GE Scorpion he was going to give to the wreckers. At the time I was looking for a Gemini but, at $200 with ZERO rust and a dead straight body it was a deal I couldn't pass up. I think I did the right thing, too, as it's a hell of a lot prettier in my eyes than any Gemini lol
Dad bought me my other two Scorpions off eBay earlier this year for $500, one of which (the blue GJ) had a months rego.
I've thought about selling them off more than a few times, but so far the only one I've managed to let myself sell is my silver GH I got with the blue car for parts, and that went to the mate I bought the white car off in the beginning.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby tango76hardtop » Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:11 pm

my dad bought a gd galant for $400 which had a smashed left front guard and rust everywhere when i was around 15, by the time i got my L's it was given to me at this stage i had just bogged up the rust and replaced the panel and had it resprayed. After having it until i was 19 it was then given to my bro and when he was done with it you could imagine what condition it was being driven by 2 p platers the entire time we had it so i thought it was too far gone to repair and was easier to buy another one to restore so after moving to perth for only a year i never knew 2 door versions existed until i saw a gd coupe driving around after that i knew i had to have one so i found 1 in the paper for $150 stripped out with alot of things missing and bought it, this was in 2002 and here we are now
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby leoca » Wed Nov 11, 2009 5:58 pm

i bought my first orange LC because i purposely looked for one and i had it planned to do the 2.6 conversion .
When I had financial strife I sold it to my Dad because i had another car as well.
He wouldn't sell it back to me!!!! and now drives it around all the time!.Principally because it's more cheap to run than his 93 v6 auto pajero, as well he just enjoys it!.
....So that meant I had to buy another one for a replacement.It was a silver faded one, good but a little dear to get roadworthy/rego.I drove it for 2 years and now its just stored without a motor.
Then there was another one with a 2.6 creme in colour and a falcon webber bought because it was very cheap , had the wiring adapted, and came with spare bonnet, gaurds and stuff and its rusting nicely down the back ..spares use.
My current car was cheap off Ebay and its getting the current work done to it.Motor /gearbox/paint/rego.Its orange too .Its had the interior re-upholstered and I thought it would be cheaper to have the paint done at the end than it would to get the silver one done.

I am missing my Lancer its been about 2 yrs since I've drivin one of my own ,although I occasionly ask dad if I can take his for a strap and its GOOD.!
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby www.18u » Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:23 am

I bought myself a gold GE Scorpion when i was on my p's. I spent most of my teenage years with this car and eventually siezed the balance shafts :\
At the same time i had a mate with a silver GE Scorp, that i was in love with, but i could never come up with the money to buy it. Later on i had another mate at tafe with a gj scorp that was fairly worked (cam twin webbers and a LSD....) I ended up buying it and loved every second of it. A mate borrowed it and wrote it off. I didn't know that a scorp lsd was rare then, or i would have kept it.

I always loved the Starion and decided that one day i would buy one. I ended up with a red JA on 18s that was stolen off my front lawn. When i got the car back i decided to make it bigger and better, which is what started me on my twincam journey. As i learnt more about them, i decided to bite the bullet and buy a factory Widebody model :) I believe this is what started my obsession with jdm mitsubishi cars. Now that i bought another starion to strip, i am up to number 4.

I bought Grandpa because i was bored one day, and started browsing the Trading Post and came across it.

The EX was because of my jdm problem i wrote about above!!!

I still one day want to own a silver GE Scorpion as a project, but i have way to many cars at the moment.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby phildeb » Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:06 pm

I brought my LB new from brisbane .It cost me $5,900:00, which I paid cash for. Still got it, just wont wear out , I've had fords as a second car but now have a 94 magna, got rid of those troublesome fords. Image
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby 75wagon » Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:14 pm

That's nice Phill.
Glad you sorted the pics :thumpsup:

That's a P76 next to yours in that photo. My brother had 5 of those and belonged to the "P76 Sporting Car Club". I'm serious, stop laughing.....
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby DanTurboLancer » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:21 pm

Would have been a Small but close knit group in that club Dave :lol:
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby 75wagon » Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:26 pm

DanTurboLancer wrote:Would have been a Small but close knit group in that club Dave :lol:

There was actually quite a lot of them.. But this was when I was 13, so 24 years ago (would have been a lot more of them then).
My brothers was quite quick. I use this reference to cars 24 years ago not now....

My brother raced at Amaroo circuit against an LJ Torana with a turbo and first overtook, and then placed a considerable gap on it.

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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby davenq » Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:48 pm

Oh and I bought my V8 Scorpion, because I loved it when I drove it 3 yrs ago (It wasn't for sale then).
And I was selling my Dodge , and a deal came up, so am now the proud owner of an 81 Scorp with 318 in it...
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby city hunter » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:26 pm

Finding 70s mitsubishis is like finding gold here. I got lucky and a friend had a neighbor who had a old "colt" that he was selling so we went up and looked at it. It ended up being a lb lancer coupe, and I sold! I was in the market for a 71-73 galant coupe, but they are rare as all hell.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby kermit » Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:10 am

Love the look! I'm only a P Plate driver and everyone's driving around in Pulsars and Corollas. Not saying that they're bad cars, but Sigma's and especially Scorpions just have this look to them that is appealing! They're rare-ish (scorpions) and with a few mods can fly! and have i mentioned fun? - Definately looked for a scorpion! "love that car"
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby pistorf » Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:34 pm

I bought a GA Galant in 1978 that was a fully prepared rally car. I had a ball with it over the next 4 years,running it in autocrosses,motorkhanas and a few rallies.
I sold it to purchase my 2nd LJ XU1 and have just recently bought another GA (straight,rust free,37000 miles,one lady owner)to build up as a classic rally car.
I had until last week (they were stolen by some low piece of crap) some irreplacable bits for it (#5 cam,4.6:1 LSD,C2 pistons
factoey sidedraft manifold and a pair of 44mm Solexes.
The car itself is being driven by my mother while I am repairing some kangaroo damage on her VX Crumpledoor.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby EVL076 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:31 pm

i ask myself the same question.... WHY :P

there had always been a Galant in the family
my aunt had a GD, (it was the 1st car in hobart that was resprayed in a certain body works' new spray booth - dont ya love trivial info :P)
it was the deep maroon color they came out in, had spitties and a slide back sunroof in it

i got my L's and brought a GB roller. Found a belt drive 1600 and got the GB going
couple weeks later i found a Sundance Yellow (its orange in my book lol) GD and the obsession started there..

the orange one met a parked truck one night, and sorta ended its life
reshelled.... 2 months later that one fell off the road, met a culvert, and ended up in a paddock on its roof

fast forward a few years, brought a coupe, put a hot 202 in it
cut that one up.... have pix some where...

brought another GD, then a turbo 2ltr
got that going, reshelled it and made it 2.6
then got serious with that car
brought the nos kit, the button clutch etc etc
ran a 13.4@105 with 8psi and a 42hp shot thru 3rd/4th gear

sold that carby turbo set up, started to efi it
got sick of it, sold the efi set up
brought another GD, (Lethal G) put the NA 2.6 in it
brought a VLT

brought my GD back this time it was turbo'd - blow thru
sold all the blow thru set up, brought a GK with a draw thru set up
Got it going, brought another GD (Grandpa G)

put the draw thru set up in the new shell
got it all going, 3rd drive the lift pump shit itself

sold the draw thru set up to another member here
brought a haltech, rallyant efi manifold, stealth turbo manifold, new turbo

sold the rallyant efi manifold, sent the stealth turbo manifold back, got the pro series stealth manifold
ordered a stealth intake manifold complete with big t/b

and thats the quick run down of it all :P
its not far from going again...
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby SE Wagon » Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:15 am

My uncle used to work at Chrysler, then Mitsubishi, and I grew up in the back seat of Galants / Sigmas.

While I was on P plates, one of the cars I got to drive was Mum's GC Galant. Later, while I was at Uni, I bought a GB Galant for the massive sum of $1400. 1400cc and front drum brakes (from memory).

Before long it had GC discs on the front, and an extensively modified 1700cc motor with a single DCD Weber. Dyno'd at 92 hp at the wheels. With some suspension mods & 14" Starion rims it looked good (to me) and handled well. I loved flogging it through the Adelaide Hills, back in the days when many of the roads were still 100km/h. The carby was a mechanical secondary, so you could feel the extra resistance when the second throttle started to open - cruising just off that point, it would sit on 145km/h, and still return 10km/litre.

Somewhere along the line I found a factory twin downdraught setup, installed GH struts (& brakes) and fitted some Skyline rims.


Then I was shunted of the South East Freeway in Brisbane, up a bank, into a tree and rolled. :( RIP GB.

My insurance company sold me the wreck for $300, so I stripped some of the bits I wanted to keep (wheels, pistons, carbies, shockabsorbers to name a few), sold some other bits (5 speed, front springs & exhaust come to mind) and sent the wreck away for scrap. :(

So I needed another daily driver.

I thought about another Galant, but I really wanted a 2.6 - and air conditioning. So I decided Sigma, and I wanted a Wagon.

So - 2.6, with the Mitsubishi 5 speed and 4 wheel discs was what I wanted. That pretty much meant GK SE. After a few months, one showed up in Adelaide - and I was in Brisbane. Long story short, I bought it, flew down, drove it around Adelaide for a few days, then headed back to Brisbane with it. I quickly swapped the 14" Cheviots for the 15" Skyline rims from the Galant, bought some lowered King Springs, fitted Konis (fronts from the Galant (after a re-build), rears from a LandCruiser) and found some twin DCOEs.

More of the story is in my member's ride thread - link should be in my sig.
(Formerly) 1984 GK SE Wagon
Kings, Konis, EFI, exhaust. Not much power. :( But it is red! :D And Sold...
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby ddt » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:44 am

In ye olde days, when I was practicing to get my drivers' license in my dad's manual VB commo, i was finding it a bit hard going. Later when I got to drive my wife-to-be's manual GE sedan, i found it so much better to drive.
So later when i was finishing up uni and needed a car to look for work with and cart around all my student crap, I naturally looked at sigmas. Found a cheap though slightly rough GE auto wagon which I kept for 6 yrs until it was no longer feasible for human transport.
Enjoyed a V6 engined GH sigma for a year or two then sold that when I decided to buy a more family friendly V6, 8 seater TS magna wagon (that was a nice car).
Now it's been about 4 years since my last sigma; and the paint on my current daily (Eunos 800) is at the stage where keeping it under the double car-port has little value so the way i figured -I now had space for another car -it was time to go on the look-out for a nice GE again!
And so i did.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby kodos » Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:55 pm

I bought my first galant because I liked the look of it. The GB reminded me of a datsun 1600 which is what I was initially after for my first car, but I couldn't find a reasonable one at the time. The love affair grew from there
Needs GA or GB galant front cut to resurrect a GTO. Please help if you can :mrgreen:
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby lancersr20 » Thu May 13, 2010 12:56 pm

Gees, I'm gunna show my age here :o

I bought our 1980 LC Lancer back in around 1989 .... around 4 - 5k I think !
The reason was simple ...... being involved with Shows/Drags/V8s etc..... at the time, I saw this "Plymouth Arrow" actually that was running at the drags around that time in "Super Gas" class (9.90 sec dial in) in Melbourne. It had a pretty stock...ish 440 in it (full tubbed/caged drag car) ..... Stephen Crooke was the guys name. Then I researched and noted that Bob Glidden had run a factory Moper team with an Arrow winning the title in 1980ish in the USA - Pro Stock I think ..... might have been 7 -8 sec small blocks !!! I just loved the "very tough" look of them .............. so I bought ours for my wife.

My mate at Trade School had also had a GE SE Sigma that he had done many mods to - 2 litre turbo, 2.6 turbo and then a rotary !!! It was an awesome car for both performance and looks (Burgundy, lowered, globe mags, dark tinted windows) ..... just thought I'd reminiss about this one ..... cause !

A year or two after getting the LC, I pulled it off the road to start a "new project showcar" to replace the SS Hatchback Torana that I had been showing for a few years. I had accumulate many parts destined for it including the 340 V8. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) being newly married .... money/houses etc.... came into play and the project was shelved (and many toys) were also sold :( The car was put into hiberation in my grans garage for more than 10 years (pretty much a rolling shell only). A few years ago now, I decided to re-build the car to be the first car for each of my kids (or is it my special car ?????) when they get their licences (Tommy is almost 18 now and the car won't be ready :-( ). The car is pretty radically modded with the only original part of the car being the shell and the dash ..... everything else is scourced from Sigma, Scorpion , Mazda , Nissan etc....

Hoping to have it on the road before xmas 2010 (edit. xmas 2011!!) for a "shake down" for some months .... before finally pulling it off the road again to paint and finish to "mint condition" .... actually, mint won't be good enough :o
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby toruhiwi » Fri May 14, 2010 12:40 am

I'll show my age too......Had 5 Galants, all pre 1976, for a total of about 23 years.........
My 7th car was an R Series Valiant (manual, factory floor change, widies, lowered, Lukey exhaust) which was rusting away, as I lived in Bondi Beach at the time. I traded it on a new GA Galant 1500 in 1972 (cost $3200) as I wanted a new, smaller car...... I was hooked as I quickly found, that even in standard form, it would run rings around most 6 cyl cars of the day.

Very early on it was fitted with wide steel wheels, driving lights, extractors and Lukey system (again), heavier shocks and sway bars front and rear. The rear bar was overkill as it would consistantly lift the inside wheel, and was removed. Wheels were changed later for ROH "kidneys", then later again for ROH Contessas which resembled Minilites (no Superlites in those days). Regular wheel/tyre/suspension changes were possible as I worked for a large tyre/suspension outlet in Sydney. During this period a wagon diff assy complete was fitted, as was the bigger GB clutch, a single Weber 45DCOE, and the crap original rectangular headlights were changed to brand new TD Cortina halogen (also rectangular).

Drove it hard for about 8 years, and sold it to a mate for $3000 (who had previously owned 2 GTOs consecutively) for finance to start a business. My mate had it for a further 8 or 9 years. The GA never had one problem with the engine/gearbox in those many thousand miles over 17 years...............even original timing chain.

Bought a GB a few years later for $800 and rebuilt and modified it. Sold it 9 years later (for $4500) as my sons were getting too big to fit in the rear seat......mistake! Should have kept it......

Somewhere during the GB I had a GC 4 door as a second car.

Around 8 years ago my younger son wanted a Galant as a first car. Found a very cheap slightly rough and rusty, white GC hardtop which he thrashed around for about 4 years without being able to break it. I inherited it unregistered as he had bought another car.
I was going to get it on the road again and quite by chance, found my present rust-free, red GC Hardtop in Grafton, so I scrapped the other as it required too much work.....

I've also had 3 x L300s, a TM Magna, an '89 Pajero V6, a '92 Pajero V6 and a '99 Challenger

That's 12 Mitsubishis...and 13 other vehicles in a lifetime.

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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby CRACKN » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:14 am

First car was a Scorpion, still got it actually.
Wanted to be different from the other 85% of people who drove Commodores.
And I wanted a 2 door.
Found a Holden Piazza I liked, until I heard how dangerous they were (17 and on L's - so yeah parents didn't let that happen) and price was a bit high.
Funny, just thought about it now, and the only 4 door I've ever owned is my Corolla Sportivo.
And this last one I've got was just impulse bought, couple of people wanted it for a basher, so glad I've saved it.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby lockie94ralliart » Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:08 pm

i have lived on 130 acres for 14 years untill parents split up so i lived in town and out at the farm,I always had motorbikes and bush bashers, My first real bush basher was a colum shift ford panel van that started my love for driving.. not in a straight line i always had mum yelling at me that i was goin to roll it because i was always sideways in the paddock and that was when i was 12.i have destroyed about 6 cars on that farm.i am in the local rally car club(cncscc) and have been using my mates sr20 pulsar,I got so over stupid front wheel drives so i went looking for a old datsun or something small and rwd, i looked around for so long making wanted ads and everything and had no luck at all, i got put a deposit on a datto bluebird but he then sold it on me,what a looser.I then found a 5sp vl commie on ebay that was in my area so i went ans sen the fella about it i was goin to buy it the next day except some 1 put a bid on ebay so it got sold to him.Then i bought a xf 5sp manual efi (a verry rare car) for $400, i thrashed that around for a few days untill my brother said there was a datto 180sss down the road, i went down there and realised it was a lc lancer i had never seen 1 before, he had 2 of them. I asked him if he would trade me and he said he would see cas the falcon still had rego. Three weeks later i had the car, it is a real head turner, looks like a litle muscle car. I now have a 4g54 with a 45 dcoe weber,shaved and ported head,eextractors and full sports exhaust system,isotta racing seats and now limited slip diff. The guy i got my lancer off wrote his other 1 off so i bought it back so now 1 have two lc lancer and have loved them ever since. My lc lancer is two good to rally people have been saying so i am looking for somthing suitible, So thats how i got my cars.I am 16 and have two of the best cars around how good is that.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby smithdavidjames » Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:25 pm

Mine just turned up one day… Was looking for a second car for the wife to use as at the time was driving around in her Barina. Some family friend’s knew we were looking and they had a neighbor who wanted to sell his car because he could not drive anymore. The Car had been sitting in a garage for 8 years but kept registered, so a mint granny spec 1978 GE SE Sigma just rolled up to the front of our place and that was it… the wife could have her barina back…

Have to explain something here… moved from the UK to AUS about 6 years ago… The situation in the UK is you drive the smallest car you can to pay the least amount of road tax and insurance you can. Watch the Top Gear episode where they try and find out which cars a new 17 year old driver can buy and insure for about 4000 dollars, they only found 3. Hence I was driving around in a 1.4ltr Barina (or Corsa as Brits call them) on my parents insurance or no insurance as fine for not having is 10 times less than the insurance. Nobody I knew had a car with an engine larger than 1.6ltr. Nobody I knew had a car more than 20 years old because in the UK cars simply crumble to rust before that… hence in the UK cars over the age of 17 years in the UK are consider classic by the RTA and don’t have to pay road tax!!

However there was one exception… it was an Austin Princess which we owned and it’s the only car I can remember with any detail from my childhood. It was an absolute wedge of a car and has very similar styling to our beloved sigma and lancers… check it out at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_%28car%29 . This car was “troubled” and eventually the head gasket blew and throttle cable snapped on the way to a family holiday so that ended its life. This was a shame because my farther and my half brothers where always working on cars or bangernomics as they called it, we even had a service pit in our driveway. This however stopped before I was old enough to join in as we obtained a government sponsored new car due to my father’s increasing disability.

So when the sigma pulled up I was like wow a 2.0ltr engine and 27 years old! Not knowing at the time the aussie love for V8 6.0ltr big cars for a big country and how my attachment to this car would be viewed as something of a novelty. Anyway I vowed that I would never to let the car die, there is something humbling about owning a car that is older than you are… to date it’s not dead (much to my wife’s frustration) although it sure don’t look as good as when I brought it… but it goes better!
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby mdlovea161 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:07 pm

The reason why I use sigma a161 my father bought cheap. Prices in Thailand for about 4 billion baht worth better than to buy a car tag red hand, which is priced higher. And the vehicle is older, stronger than steel meat quality new models much more.

----If I type the wrong key. Sorry Grammar of the English language. Because I use google translation help in the conversation.
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby GAIJININJA » Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:31 pm

(At the age of 35, 'cause I'm a lazy bugger) Dad got me an '84 GJ, 2.0 Astron for $500AUD from a neighbor. 2000000km on the clock, and six months later it killed it's first clutch. (Says something about my driving). Same day some mongrel stabbed all four of my tyres! Drove 5km to the mechanics reving the guts out of her, on the spare wheel, the spare from a friends Nissan Bluebird Series III, and two off another friends wrecked Sigma, all half flat. I clocked another 300000 over the next 4 years and except for a new fuel pump, which was spraying 1/2 the fuel down the motor for six months, the thing kept going! Only one door handle worked. The rear windscreen could have fallen in the boot at any moment due to rust. The heater unit leaked so I had to top up the radiator every time I used it. The four brakes never worked the same amount on each wheel each time I tried to stop, so stopping on wet roads was downright scary. I intentionally used it to straighten some fence posts so the front bumper ended up with a distinct square dent in it. The gear stick fell out one day so I drove it in third for about 3km, then jambed a steel bar across the plate on the box and locked it down with the gear stick boot bracket untill I got around to fixing it (six months!). I swear she had a personality. If I abused her verbally, she wouldn't start for ages. If I said nice things to her, she'd start first go, rain, hail or shine. I spent five years driving the ugly, rusty, reliable old beast and in the end thrashed the crapper out of her and still couldn't kill her. Finally, due to the dangerous state she was in, and the fact that she was too far gone to spend the money to fix up, I had her crushed. I have a small hope that being so damn tough and indestructable, she broke the crusher . Wouldn't have happened, but it's a thought, and a tribute to a family of cars made in the day when reliability and strength were more important than proffit and built-in redundancies.

If I ever win the lotto, I'm gonna get an '84 again, and pimp her to the max, just cause I can!

Long live the Sigma!

(ps, I photoshopped a pic of the beast and changed the cream paint to hot red, and put a set of Nismo mags from the boss' Nismo GTS Targa Tasmania Rally car on her. Sorry, but THIS particular Sigma still looked like shit, even with a makeover. lol. Ah, had to love her though. Have to put up with a 2006 Toyota Corolla Acent wagon. Reliable, but I feel like I have to treat it like glass!)
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby Tils » Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:05 pm

I picked up a GD sedan that was rooted and in bits to fix up for my little brother who was on his L's at the time. Well I got it fixed and running, and ended up keeping it. A local bloke snapped the timing belt on his GC and I bought that for the seats and the sigma turbo rims that were on it. All the bits were then stuffed into the GD 4 door, and I used it as a runabout to work instead of using my new (at the time) KF Verada. The Verada ended up not being used so I flogged it off! :P
A few years later I picked up the free classifieds and in the wrecking section was a 2 door Galant for $200. I rang and said I was coming to have a look. Hired a trailer and went to pick it up, sight unseen. I ended up getting it for $80! It was relatively rust free at the time, but with really shit paint, surface rust around the rear window, a broken drivers door hinge- which was actually quite hilarious when I first opened the door (great first impression) as it almost fell onto the ground and no brakes (rooted master cylinder). I got it home, fixed the brakes, put all the crap from the 4 door into the coupe patched up the paint and drove it to college. I dodged up a turbo manifold and put a GT17 garrett on the saturn, which went ok... but the '54 was calling from a wrecked GJ in the yard and that made its way into the bay. I drove it around for a few years, then got distracted with motorbikes and it sat in a paddock for 5 years... the body turned to shit, almost. lol
So for a lark I threw a magna top end and EFI'ed it and dodged up an exhaust manifold and threw the little GT17 on the 2.6- it's a bit restrictive, but it hauls in the midrange! So from there I've got a quote from my old engine builder who is going to make me a real screamer out of a 4G54, but at a pretty considerable cost :( ...
To summarise- once I messed about with one, I thought they were tops!
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby kenickie84 » Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:46 am

first sigma - given to me by my dad
second sigma - was cheap and in that good of nick i wasnt gonna pass it up
current sigma - after hubby losing his licence and me getting mine, we decided to get a car i would be more comfortable driving. we had a look in several car yards but most cars were either manual or too expensive, so we decided just to keep looking for a couple more months. the next day driving past one of the car yards we visited there was this tidy little GE hiding behind a big twin cab and i got so excited.. everything was ticked off the list- small, auto, within price range, and most importantly had windows you wind down yourself :P the next day we traded in our 99 ford AU for 79 GE sigma SE.
a lot of people have asked why trade in a perfectly good 11yo car for a 31yo car, and not a lot of people understand when i say 'its a siiiggmaaaaa, duh' but hey, im not out to please other people (H)
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby ghuphill » Sat Dec 04, 2010 10:31 am

i love a whole variety of cars,but i noticed a ghturbo while walking to school one day it wasnt like other sigmas i noticed the turbo badge and i said i want one!,i bought my first gh turbo in 97red n black very clean example,and alot of fun, now i have another in 2010,blue n black complete and original but not so clean as the previous,then again there isnt much to choose from when buying a gh turbo these days,or in the past,i have had many many cars in the past old n new ,big n small ,quick and very quick ,but i wanted a gh turbo again,thats after i said no more projects ,toys watever.but you get that. its also a car that is not known about much or seen witch i also like. :thumpsup:
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Re: Why did you buy a Sigma, Galant or Lancer?

Postby mitsugalant » Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:43 am

I got into early Mitsubishis through family - my dad rallied a GB in the 70's to early 80's (after running a few Renaults) - and he always had various mitsubishis at home (Sigmas, Galants, Lancers, even a Scorpion). Fondest memories are of his pale yellow GB that was his daily/club car (had it 8 years - a long time for him at the time), mum had a yellow GC sedan and a green GD wagon.

I had the unfortunate luck to find the first two mitsus I bought to be too far gone (rust) - a LC lancer coupe and a GB sedan. Sold to people who could fix the bodywork.

I then had a half share (with my dad) in a close to mint GB Galant sedan - pale blue. Fitted a 5 speed and 1.6 with front discs (was a 1400cc, 4 sp and drums all round).
Drove it for 6 months then had to sell due to lack of storage room. Went to one of his best mates who still has it.

I had a GD Sedan which I got halfway building (recaro seats, 2.6lt astron 2 and 5 speed) but had to sell due to moving house.

In that time I had also helped dad build a GD rally car from a tired rally car and a beyond repair bodywise LB lancer coupe. It has ended up being the GD shell with a new alloy roll cage (cams log books date back to before 2000 so is legal!) running the LSD, 2lt non balance shaft engine (suspect from a mitsubishi GTO or similar) and 5 speed.
Dad ended up giving me the car as he had funded my sister through university and I had paid my own way through trade school. I never expected anything but he just gave it to me one day.
If he had gone to sell it i'd have sold all but my daily driver to buy it anyway.

Now to have some fun in it in autocross!
Cars: 2009 Hyundai i30 (daily/driver training car), 2001 Saab 9-5 Aero (project), 1977 GD Galant (rally car)

"It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?"
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