TS ECU Wiring Questions

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TS ECU Wiring Questions

Postby luifly » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:31 am

Hey All

Im currently undertaking a project building a 4G54, in the future i will be going turbo and aftermarket ECU. But in the mean time i am going to be running a standard magna ECU while i source and save for the turbo part of my project.

The question i have is if i disconnect the inputs/outputs from the engine ECU to the A/T ECU, will the engine ECU still operate properly , or are there any tricks to confuse the ECU to think the A/T is connected.

The pins in question are C2, C22, C10 from the Engine ECU (See attached picture in red) and also the white wire from the noise filter (which im guessing is the rpm signal)

Also with the wire going to the Diagnosis Connector C11 & C12 and Check Engine Lamp pin B14 (See attached picture in green). Am i able to wire them to a LED to show if there is a fault and read error faults with a voltmeter?

Any help will be great


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Re: TS ECU Wiring Questions

Postby Taz » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:29 am

If it helps, on another mitsi when i did a manual conversion, just bridged the plug at the box end of it to trick it into thinking it was in neutral and never had a problem. Would just do it at the ECU end in your case but might be an easy solution if itll work
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